What is the TKH Experience Center?

In a vertical growth market, products and services are offered which are specially designed for this industry, sector or groups of clients with specific needs. TKH has defined seven vertical growth markets in which our technologies and innovative (total) solutions come together. In the TKH Experience Center in Amsterdam we'll demonstrate our total solutions for four markets.

Through innovation and integration the companies in the TKH Group have become trendsetting in these markets. High aspirations naturally deserve a professional podium where the (inter)national circle of TKH clients can be received and where they can familiarize themselves with the smart security solutions offered by the group. The TKH Experience Center was built with this in mind. We'd love to meet you there!


At the Parking division, TKH develops and produces innovative parking systems. From self-developed video analytics technology geared towards the surveillance of parking places and the streamlining of traffic in parking garages, to integrated access control, intercom and camera systems. Parking garages can be controlled from every workstation and at any time.


Using a combination of electrical engineering and IT, in the Care sector TKH offers intelligent solutions for surveillance, monitoring, visual communications, social alerting and videocare for hospital care as well as for domestic care. Here the starting point is that the monitoring and alerting can be individually focused on the care requirements of the patient or resident. In addition, TKH provides total solutions to care and nursing homes, care institutions for the disabled and the mentally handicapped, and hospitals.


For the Tunnel and Infrastructure sector we provide innovative communications and security solutions, which include integrated video, intercom, public address and camera systems, as well as fire-safe connectivity systems. Our solutions comply with the highest demands for tunnel safety, ensuring the safe and timely access to tunnels.

Marine, Oil & Gas

Rigs and ships are complicated systems. TKH provides innovative and fire-safe connectivity systems as well as integrated security and communications systems for applications on ships and rigs. Many solutions are geared towards efficiency with a promising return on investment for the client.


In the setting of a senior citizen’s unit with home care and a patient’s room in a hospital, we can introduce you to real-time smart innovative solutions in the field of observation; care warning systems, image communications, home automation, communities and eHealth telemonitoring. At a glance, you’ll find the most modern technology geared to meet the needs of individual clients.

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